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Letter from the Clare Co Heritage Centre to Bob Wynne:

Document #1 in Andrew Leyden research file:


The Leyden family resided in the townlarnd of Ballyherragh, which is situated in the Parish of Kilmacrehy, to-day known as the Parish of Liscannor.

The Registrats for this Parish commence in 1843 and they record teh following data on the Leyden's.

Thomas Leyden's parents were Connor (a.k.a. Cornelius *in handwriting) and Bridget Healy who lived at Ballyherragh and are recorded as having the following children:

Child Baptised Sponsors
Thomas 8-12-1864 Michael Healey and Margt Whelan
Catherine 13-5-1866 Pat Healy + Bridget O'Brien
Patrick 11-2-1867 Tom and Bridget Leyden
John 14-6-1870 Pat and Margaret Leyden
Michael 31-7-1872 John Conway and Mary Leydon
Mary 9-7-1874 Pat and Mary Leydon
Margaret 22-5-1878 Pat and Margaret Leyden
? 23-4-1881 ?
James 1-4-1883 Jeremy O'Donnell + Cath Leyden

The 1901 Census lists the following Leyden's living "at home." Conor, who is listed as the head of the family and gives his age as 68, his wife Bridget (65) and their children Gretta (23) and James (18). Also living with the family at the time was their neice Susan Healy who's age is given as 4.

The Census describes the Leyden house as having stone walls, a thatched roof, three windows in front and four rooms.

According to this Census Conor would have been born c. 1832 while his wife would have been born c. 1835 and as the Liscannor records do not commence until 1843 it would be virtually impossible to establish with certainty who their parents were:

The Griffith Valuation Land Records of 1855 show three Leyden's having property at Ballyeherragh at that time. Thomas Leyden (John) Richard Leyden and Thomas Leyden (Conor), however we believe that the Thomas Leyden (Conor) was the father of Conor Leyden (Bridget Healy). He is shown as having a house, office and land leased from Capt. F. McNamara the land area amounted to 21 acres 5 perches and was valued at 7 pounds, while his house was valued at 15 shillings.