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Letter from Great Aunts Helen and Margaret to Uncle Jack

Document #2 in Andrew Leyden's research file:

September , 1991

Hi Jack and Lynn:

The two Leyden Mini-Mysteries have been solved and this is how it happened.

We enjoyed your letters very much. 1 sent. t.he one relating to the explosion in New Jersey in 1916 with. the resulting death of one Cornelius Leyden ( a Security employee at the location) to our cousin Bob Wynne in New Jersey. I knew he would be most interested and anxious to pursue it.

He called us the day he received our letter which forwarded yours to him and indeed he was intrigued.

It was a co-incidence that he ha.d just recelved, after waiting nine months a copy of Dad's sister Mary Leyden to Thomas Mason marriage certificate of August 1908 from the New York St.ate Department of Helath, etc and lo and behold the certificate listed the bride'.s parent's names - Dad's Father's name was shown as Cornelius.

We always believed our Grandfather's name was Conor Leyden, never giving it a thought that Conor was prolably a shortened version of Cornelius, so your Father was named after his Grandfather and not from a list of potential christian names popular at the time. However, I'm sure your Father did not appreciate this honor.

After getting this lnformation from Bob we decided to check Mom's and Dad's marriage Certificate. We vlsited St. Patrick's church and obtained the attached copy of Record of Marriage. As you can see it ls written in Latin but a prlest visiting at the Dominican Monastery nearby transferred it to English. This record also clearly shows our dad.'s Father's name as Cornelius so we can sen why Raymond was inflicted with that name. Of course, it could have been worse.

Then too, Aunt Mary's Marriage Certificate confirmed who was that gal (bridesmaid)in their wedding picture. It was our Mom's sister Anna Keane and NOT Dad's sister, Mary Leyden as previously thought..

Aunt Anna Keane came to America to live but was homesick and returned to Ireland, probably before I was born. She later married a man named Dillon in Ireland and had ??? children.

Now .that we have no more mysterles to explore, it'.s back to Perry Mason.

We are both feeling pretty good and hanglng on in there as best we can.