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Anti-Aircraft Plinking
Updated 2/1/99 12:01AM EST

In the days, weeks and months following the Desert Fox air attacks, Allied aircraft in the no-fly zone encountered a number of incidents in which Iraqi anti-aircraft units would engage them. This invariably led to the Allied aircraft taking out the offending unit, in a series of what are now considered almost routine operations.

I've tried to list some of the incidents, but they have become so common place that the media is not longer even reporting on them.

February 1
Saddam Hussein announces a $14,000 reward for any Iraqi who shoots down an Allied aircraft.

January 31
2:20 AM EST  Eight allied aircraft attack military installations in the southern no-fly zone, and one aircraft launched an attack in the northern no-fly area.

January 30
Five aircraft conduct airstrikes in the southern no-fly zone.

January 28
F-15E's conduct an airstrike on anti-aircraft facility in Northern no-fly zone, near Mosul.  The F-15's returned safely to Turkey.  This is the 24th incident in the last month, spread over 12 different days.

January 26
Five sites attacked in Northern Iraq.

January 25
1:25 AM EST  US Aircraft attack SA-3 sites near Basra, in southern Iraq.  Collateral damage reportedly kills 11.  Three other airstrikes take place in the northern no-fly zone.  This is the 10th day of air attacks since the cessation of "Desert Fox."

January 24
F-15E's out of Interlick Turkey attack an Iraqi air defense system that "locked up" on the American aircraft.

January 14
F-15's and F-16's attack a radar facility in norther no-fly zone.

January 13
US jet attacks Iraqi missile site.

January 12
US F-16 attacks Iraqi radar site.

January 11
US aircraft attack an Iraqi air defense facility in the no-fly zone.

January 7
US F-16's attack an Iraqi site in the northern no-fly zone.

January 5
US aircraft, both Air Force and Navy (from the USS Carl Vinson) engage in air-to-air combat with Iraqi Migs and Mirage fighters.

December 29
US aircraft again attack Iraqi anti-aircraft missiles in no-fly zone

December 28
US aircraft attack Iraqi anti-aircraft missiles in the Northern No-Fly zone.

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