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Guard and Reserve Activations
as of September 24th, 2001

Air Force Reserve
917th Bomb Wing Bossier City, Louisiana 373 personnel
434th Air Refueling Wing Kokomo, Indiana 644 personnel
916th Air Refueling Wing Goldsboro, North Carolina 337 personnel
970th Airborne Air Control Squadron Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 231 personnel
Air National Guard
144th Fighter Wing Fresno, California 231 personnel
140th Fighter Wing Denver, Colorado 100 personnel
103rd Air Control Squadron Orange, Connecticut 260 personnel
113th Fighter Wing Washington, D.C 100 personnel
125th Fighter Wing Jacksonville, Florida 133 personnel
116th Bomber Wing Macon, Georgia 30 personnel
117th Air Control Squadron Savannah, Georgia 260 personnel
183rd Fighter Wing Springfield, Illinois 100 personnel
134th Air Control Squadron Wichita, Kansas 127 personnel
159th Fighter Wing New Orleans, Louisiana 100 personnel
102nd Fighter Wing Falmouth, Massachusetts 161 personnel
127th Wing Mount Clemens, Michigan 100 personnel
148th Fighter Wing Duluth, Minnesota 181 personnel
255th Air Control Squadron Gulfport, Mississippi 260 personnel
120th Fighter Wing Great Falls, Montana 131 personnel
150th Fighter Wing Albuquerque, New Mexico 100 personnel
119th Fighter Wing Fargo, North Dakota 143 personnel
177th Fighter Wing Atlantic City, New Jersey 189 personnel
173rd Fighter Wing Klamath Falls, Oregon 100 personnel
142nd Fighter Wing Portland, Oregon 163 personnel
116th Air Control Squadron Warrenton, Oregon 127 personnel
147th Fighter Wing Houston, Texas 134 personnel
109th Air Control Squadron Salt Lake City, Utah 127 personnel
192nd Fighter Wing Richmond, Virginia 50 personnel
158th Fighter Wing Burlington, Vermont 139 personnel
163rd Air Refueling Wing Riverside, California 210 personnel
290th Joint Communications Support Squadron MacDill AFB, Florida 238 personnel
224th Joint Communications Support Squadron Brunswick, Georgia 235 personnel
126th Air Refueling Wing Belleville, Illinois 344
101st Air Refueling Wing Bangor, Maine 346 personnel
186th Air Refueling Wing Meridian, Mississippi 210 personnel
155th Air Refueling Wing Lincoln, Nebraska 195 personnel
157th Air Refueling Wing Portsmouth, New Hampshire 210 personnel
107th Air Refueling Wing Niagra Falls, New York 195 personnel
121st Air Refueling Wing Columbus, Ohio 424 personnel
134th Air Refueling Wing Knoxville, Tennessee 344 personnel
105th Airlift Wing Newburgh, New York 68 personnel
Individual Mobilizations
US Space Command Colorado Spings, Colorado 59 personnel
U.S. Central Command Tampa, Florida 105 personnel
Air Force Special Ops Command Fort Walton Beach, Florida 54 personnel
Pacific Air Froces Honolulu, Hawaii 62 personnel
Air Mobility Command Belleville, Illinois 44 personnel
US Strategic Command Omaha, Nebraska 94 personnel
Air Force Material Command Fairborn, Ohio 211 personnel
Air Intelligence Agency San Antonio, Texas 390 personnel
Air Education & Training Command San Antonio, Texas 273 personnel
11th Wing Arlington, Virginia 101 personnel
Defense Logistics Agency Alexandria, Virginia 81 personnel
Defense Contract Management Agency Crystal City, Virginia 38 personnel

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